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  Jack Chalker's book Burma Railway - Images of War  


75 years have passed since a brilliant young art student set sail from Liverpool to fight Japanese aggression in the Far East. Captured on arrival in the chaotic fall of Singapore, Jack Chalker joined the 60,000 allied prisoners driven to the limits of human endurance in the slave labour camps of the infamous Burma Railway. “A sleeper laid for every life lost” ran the legend, and the author’s brushes and paints, improvised with genius from the unlikeliest of sources, record not only the misery, squalor, savagery, heroism and fortitude of the prison camps, but also the horrific reality of disease, wounds and the ravages of starvation.

Unseen for nearly three generations, the drawings in this book, accompanied by Chalker’s own commentary, occupy an enthralling niche in the chronicling of the Second World War. As an historical document, a medical record, and a tribute to the memory of the thousands who lost their lives, Burma Railway is a profoundly moving document, exquisite in its detail, unique in its honesty.

Jack Chalker 1918 – 2014
Obituary from The Telegraph